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    Portable Passport 4x4 & Thera-Port

    Thera-Port & IG-720 Sauna Thera-Port / IG-720

    Imagine having this complete Finnish sauna experience quickly, easily and wherever you like. And what’s more, it is truly portable.

    The Portable Passport 4x4 comes complete and in just six panels. The Thera-Port comes in two halves that fit through any doorway. In a matter of minutes they are locked together using our exclusive latching system. Merely plug it into a standard 15 amp (1.7kW) or dedicated 20 amp outlet (2.1kW) and enjoy! There is no plumbing. There is no finishing work.

    Both Portables come standard with an all-glass door. The sauna heater can be used wet or dry and delivers temperatures of up to 160° F, or more; a sprinkle of water on the rocks delivers plenty of relaxing steam.

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