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    What is Your Sauna Quotient?

    Ever wonder how much a sauna might help you? Take a few minutes to take this simple "Sauna quotient" test and you might be surprised. Each question was formulated based upon scientific and controlled test administered to determine the effects of regular sauna usage, both traditional and far-infrared.

    Please answer yes or no to each question. If you have EVER experienced the stated problem or situation, please answer yes.

    Your Age:   Your Weight:

    1. Do you have high blood pressure? Yes No
    2. Are you over weight? Yes No
    3. Do you have asthma? Yes No
    4. Do you have cellulite? Yes No
    5. Do you have acne Yes No
    6. Do you have clogged pores & blackheads? Yes No
    7. Do you have arthritis? Yes No
    8. Do you have fibromyalgia Yes No
    9. Do you get frequent colds & flu Yes No
    10. Do have allergies? Yes No
    11. Do you have insomnia? Yes No
    12. Do you have periods of depression? Yes No
    13. Do you experience memory loss? Yes No
    14. Do you have chronic fatigue syndrome? Yes No
    15. Do you experience anxiety? Yes No
    16. Do you have muscle spasms? Yes No
    17. Do you have bursitis? Yes No
    18. Do you have joint stiffness? Yes No
    19. Are you going through menopause? Yes No
    20. Do you experience cold hands and feet? Yes No
    21. Do you consume alcohol? Yes No
    22. Do you take prescription drugs? Yes No
    23. Do you use hair dyes? Yes No
    24. Do you use cosmetics & deodorant? Yes No
    25. Do you smoke? Yes No
    26. Do you drink chlorinated water? Yes No
    27. Do you drink caffeinated beverages? Yes No
    28. Is congestive heart failure in your family? Yes No
    29. Do you have skin problems? Yes No
    30. Have trouble finding time for yourself? Yes No

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