Dealership Earns 2009 Dealership of the Year Award

Hot Spring Spa of Dayton was awarded the Territory Dealer of the Year Award in San Fransico last month.  This award is presented to the dealership in their local territory that has displayed during the year the high standards that have been established for Hot Spring Spa dealers throughout the years.

Hot Spring Spa of Dayton has received this award seven times over the past eighteen years along with numerous other awards over that time.  This is a tribute to the staff at Hot Spring Spa of Dayton that continues to strive to make Hot Spring Spa of Dayton’s customers the happiest and most satisfied in the world.

Shown in the picture are George and Andrea Dalhamer, owners’ of Hot Spring Spa of Dayton, as well as Michael Evans, Steve Hammock and Mike Dunn from Watkins Manufacturing Corporation.   Hot Spring Spas of Dayton has been associated with Watkins Manufacturing for over twenty-six years and during that period, they have proudly sold ONLY Hot Spring Spas.  The dealership has operated during that period under this basic rule as stated by Oscar Wilde, “I have the simplest tastes.  I am always satisfied with the best.”

This award will  hang proudly on the Hot Spring Spa of Dayton’s wall of fame directly above their lounging area.  Again thanks to all of Hot Spring Spas of Dayton’s employees as well as to all of the employees of Watkins Manufacturing Corporation for all that they do in designing building, delivering and maintaining the finest hot tubs in the industry.