Have you ever heard this?  “I want a hot tub but I don’t want to take care of it!”  Well that has been said for years and it may be the number one reason many people do not own their own hot tub.  They would love to enjoy the benefits of ownership, the relaxation and stress relief, sleeping better, quiet time and just pure enjoyment BUT they don’t want the hassles of maintaining the hot tub.  I’ve heard many a person state that they just don’t want the additional work that owning a hot tub must add.

Having been around this industry for almost thirty years I can tell you that I share that same sentiment even though normal maintenance is NOT that difficult.  But with the advent of the ACE salt water maintenace system, water care has become a thing of the past.  Now having over six months under it’s belt, the ACE system is proving to be the maintenance system of the future but it is here today.

Since the system works in conjunction with the main control system of the spa, it’s use and control is simple and performed using the standard hot tub controls.  There is NO learning a new language or trying to figure out how to use a new control pad.  And since it is integrated with the hot tubs controls, the same people that you depend on for questions on your hot tub will be the ones you turned to if you have question on your ACE system.

What makes our system different for any other salt water sanitizing system:

  1. It is the ONLY one integrated directly with the spas controls
  2. It is the ONLY one that uses diamond technology on the electrodes
  3. It is the ONLY one that is designed around low salt content minimizing corression that is caused by high salt levels of other systems
  4. It is the ONLY one that has an easily accessable electrode cell for easy cleaning
  5. It is the ONLY one that produces multiple types of water cleaners along with chlorine (MPS, Active Oxygen,etc)
  6. It is the ONLY one that recommends the use of softer water in the hot tub
  7. It is the ONLY one that has a vacation mode to help prevent over-chlorination during low activity periods.

Doesn’t the thought of owning a hot tub that requires virtually no maintenance sound like the type of relaxation vehicle that you would like to own.  Just set it and forget it for a month.  Once a month simply re-confirm your usage frequency and you are good to go for another month.

And how about the feel?  Because you are dealing with natural chlorine with no fillers and definately no ACID (as found in normal residential chlorine), the waters feels better.  We start with soft water and the water stays soft with NO harshness.  Another benefit, because we are not adding additional chemicals, your water lasts longer reducing the amount of time and money needed to change your water.  And how about the benefit to the environment – less water usage – less energy – less chemicals released into the environment.

The chlroine smell is gone.  Because the ACE system is producing chlorine continuously, the high levels of chlorine that occurs after you had added conventional chlorine never occurs and the production of chloramines is virtually non-existent.  Chloramines (combined chlorine) are poor sanitizers and have a gaseous tendency. The presence of chloramines (and dichloramines/ trichloramines in particular) cause the following physical symptoms:

  • red, burning eyes;
  • burning sensation in nose, throat and lungs;
  • dry, itchy skin and dry hair;
  • breathing difficulty leading to “swimmers’ asthma” particularly in young children.

So just think about the possibilities of owning a hot tub without all those responsibilites but with all the pleasures and benefits. 

Come see why ACE ACE Video is the talk of the hot tub industry and everyone is NOW saying “Everyone Wants a Hot Tub”  – period.