No Choice Needed – Traditional Sauna or InfraRed Sauna

With the introduction of Finnleo’s New Infrasauna, you no longer have to decide on which type of sauna you want.  This is especially important to the family where one party loves the feel of the traditional Finnish Sauna with it’s soothing steam and the other likes the comfort of the deep penetrating heat of a far-infrared sauna.  NOW for the first time, you don’t have to compromise, you can have both in the same sauna.

Finnleo has combined for the first time the traditional Finnish sauna with its rocks and steam with the carbon technology of a far-infrared sauna in one.  You simply select which mode the sauna is to operate, set the temperature and relax.

This technology is found in ALL of our spa lines including panel builts, designer series and in our custom cut saunas.  With this technology you can also now build you OWN fra-infrared sauna to your own specifications.  Convert a room or a closet into the far-infrared sauna. 

So you NO longer have to decide which is best – you can have them both in one convenient sauna.  As one customer stated, “We both won this battle – that doesn’t happen often!”