HOTSPRING SPAS Tips of the Month

I’m asked frequently “What can I do to keep my spa running like a new one?” The answer is simple. Along with keeping your chemicals at their proper levels, i.e. pH between 7.2 and 7.8 –total alkalinity around 100 – chlorine levels at 4.0 to 6.0 – hardness around 200, and cleaning your filters regularly, I feel it is important to “flush” your spa annually. Your spa by its sheer nature will create calcium build ups in the plumbing and equipment that can be easily cleaned with the use of a spa flush product.

Prior to changing your water, simple remove your filters and add the spa flush product. Run your jets for about 2 hours minimum and then drain your spa. Once drained, rinse the spa down with fresh water and allow that to drain. I further recommend that you fill and drain with fresh water to clean the inner workings of the spa as well.

Once completed, refill the spa and perform your normal startup procedures. By doing this once a year, you will keep your spa clean both inside the spa and inside the plumbing.

Finnleo Saunas

What kind of maintenance is required with a sauna? That’s one of the great points of owning a sauna is that there is little maintenance required. Cleaning the benches occasionally with a good bacterial cleaner is a good idea. If you use a towel on the benches as we recommend, cleaning the benches is not required too frequently.

The handle to the door may get dirty due to frequent use and is easily cleaned with sand paper.

There are no scheduled maintenance items to your sauna unless it is outside. If that is the case, you should clean the exterior annually and if it is NOT a maintenance-free exterior, you should stain the exterior at least every two years.

Outside of those items, the only thing you have to do is enjoy your sauna on a regular basis!