Sauna and your Skin

How does a sauna help keep your skin healthy and looking young.  The skin acts much like a third kidney in as much as it eliminates.  It is in fact far more complex than the kidney and only second to the brain.  Composed of blood vessels, nerve endings, vessles for carrying lymph, pugmatation, oil glands, hair follicles, cells that waterproof and deny entry to bacteria and sweat glands.  It is so important that death by accumulated poisons can occur within hours if the skin and its sweat passges are smothered.

Furthermore, the skin of a person who is a regular sauna bather is found to be supple and healthy.  Properly cared for skin is better able to resist eczema, athlete’s foot, pimples and blackheads

Also note that combining sweat bathing and brushing with a loofa or rough brush removes flakes of dried skin cells that accumulate on the epidermis.  If allowed to remain, they can clog sweat pores and oil passages and result in dry, flaky skin.

The regular use of a sauna WILL improve your skin and keep it looking younger.  So next time your hear about a sauna bath, you will know what they are bathing.