Saunas – The Good Sweat

At Hot Spring of Dayton, we’re all about relaxation. Having been a Finnleo dealer for over fifteen years. We offer more ways to bring peace and tranquility to your world.

The Finns pronounce it “sowna” not “sawna”. But however you pronounce it, the sauna experience is so therapeutic it improves both mental and physical health. Saunas are enjoying a huge wave of renewed interest as a haven to relax and renew yourself in the privacy of your own home. The combination of perspiration, resting, and cooling stimulates circulation, reduces muscle pain and is incredibly powerful as a way to reduce stress. Regular sauna bathers feel more relaxed, lucid and free from day-to-day worries….who doesn’t want that?

Finnleo offers a full compliment of traditional steam saunas, as well as the increasingly popular infrared saunas taking the health industry by storm. Come check out the largest sauna display in the state of Ohio at Hot Spring of Dayton. Whether you choose a traditional steam sauna or a infrared, you will be a sauna believer in no time. Larger models and custom designs are available as well. Now more than ever we all need new ways to escape and relax.