Spa of the Month: The Limelight “FLAIR” is a big hit in its first year!

The Hot Spring family of Spas introduced the Limelight series during the first four months of this year. With its innovative design and dynamic features built with the quality crafts-manship consistent only with Hot Spring Spa products, this model was distend for the “Limelight” from the beginning.

This model is designed to accommodate 5 adults comfortably while being pampered with a total of 41 jets positioned strategically throughout the spa to maximize the occupant’s hydro-massage. The seating arrangement is designed around a deep setting lounger that provides hydro-massage for the neck, back, calves and feet. While in the lounger, that person is surrounded by 14 of the above mentioned jets providing the ultimate of hydro-massage luxury. The remainder of the spa has five individual barrier-free seats plus a spacious “cool-down” seat.

The spa has dimensions of 7’ x 7’ x 36”H and holds 310 gallons of pristine water which is filtered 24/7 by our unique Hot Spring filtration system powered by our SilentFlo 5000 circulating pump. The Jets are powered by two 3.9(2.0) HP jet pumps and the spa is accented with the Raio lighting system which provides a multitude of underwater LED lights to add to the beauty. Also adding to the “Flair” of the spa, is the Vidro waterfall system.

As an option, the customer can add a music system powered by the iCast transmitter and controlled by our IQ2020 remote.

Every once in a while, something comes along made just for YOU. With a style that says something about the way you live, the values you hold and the lifestyle you’ve created. Amenities that wrap you up and hold you tight. And dynamic features that make an experience, an “experience”. All at a value that makes perfect sense.