SPA TIPS: Spring Cleaning – Hot Tub that is!

It’s the beginning of spring and it’s the perfect time to change your spa’s water.  The winter has been a tough one and it’s probably been hard on your spa’s water as well.  So pick that nice spring day and do your hot tub spring cleaning.

If you have had your spa for a couple of years and you have not “flushed” your spa, this may be a great time to do so.  Flushing cleans the interior of your spa including plumbing and returns it back to its new condition .  We recommend flushing at least once every two years.  If you are flushing, please follow  flushing directions on the product container closely.

When its time to drain your spa, start by disconnecting your electric to your spa by either unplugging (if it is a 110V system) or turning your breakers off.  Once your power is off, you can begin draining your spa by simply attaching a hose to the primary drain of your spa (the one with the valve) running the hose out to where you want the water to drain and opening the valve.  If your spa is located where water will not harm the area, you may drain the spa where it sits without attaching a hose.  This draining process can take several hours to complete.  If during the night the temperature is going to stay above freezing, you could start the draining in the evening and then by morning your spa should be drained.

Once you start draining, remove your filters and clean them with a filter cleaning solution either the soak method or the spray method.  This is important to maintain proper filtration and flow through your spa.  Don’t forget to rinse your filters thoroughly after cleaning.  Any residual left on the filter from the cleaning solution will cause tremendous foaming in the spa.

After your spa is drained, clean the interior surface if needed with either baking soda on a sponge or a spa cleaning pad.  Once your spa is clean, begin refilling your spa by placing your hose in the filter staind pipe.  If your spa has multiple filters, use the filter stand pipe that has the grey top (it has a hollow tube).  By filling this way, you help purge air from the system.

When the spa is filled, turn your power back on and start your normal spa start-up procedure for your chemical system. 

Finally, this is also a great time to maintain your spa’s cover.  Clean the cover with a mild cleaning solution and rinse.  If you notice any “dipping” of your cover towards the middle, it may be time to “flip” the cores of the cover.  Over time, they may begin to sag and by flipping them you slow that process down and make your cover last much longer.  Any question on how, please call the store for instructions.  Also this is a great time after the cover dries to coat the cover with a good vinyl treatment such as Protectant 303.

And for those who would like all of this done “magically”, call Hot Spring Spas of Dayton and ask for our “Signature Valet Service”.