Tips of the Month


  • It is that time of year to turn your “Summer Mode” off if you had it activated for the summer
  • Fall is a great time to drain and refill you spa before winter arrives. 
    • Don’t forget to turn the power off before you drain your spa
    • Always clean your filters shortly after refilling your spa
      • We recommend cleaning them three days after you refill your spa
    • Treating your cover before the winter is always a good idea.
  • If you would like to schedule a “Signature Valet” service from Hot Spring Spa of Dayton that includes all of the above, please contact us immediately


  • Conventional
    • Use your sauna in sessions – 2 to 3 sessions are ideal with cool-off periods between them
    • Using water on the rocks will increase the humidity.  Try to reach the “rule of 200” where the temperature plus the humidity approaches 200 which is the idea goal for operation
  • Far Infrared
    • Allow your infrared sauna to operate for 5 minutes to achieve full output of the heating emitters before entering the sauna
    • Placing a small dish of eucalyptus (or other aromas) under the lower vent of the sauna will provide a mild level of aromatherapy in your spa