Watkins Manufacturing Earns First European ENVY Award

Watkins Manufacturing Earns First European ENVY Award for Energy-Efficient Hot Spring Spa
Vista, CA- Watkins Manufacturing, maker of Hot Spring® Spas – a top-selling worldwide brand – has received the first-ever European ENVY Award for its outstanding efforts in environment-friendly hot tub design.

Vista-based Watkins provided a Sovereign® spa for testing in realistic outside conditions by the INDESIGN Institute for Innovative Design, a research-and-development institute near Munich, Germany. The Sovereign spa was installed at a demonstration home operated by INDESIGN partner DemoDomo. DemoDomo serves as a platform to demonstrate, test and develop innovative and energy-efficient products.

From December 2007 to February 2008, INDESIGN tested Hot Spring’s Sovereign spa continuously for energy efficiency in cycles of 72 consecutive hours. The spa was found to be well within the maximum standby energy consumption set by the California Energy Commission.

Its name an acronym for “environment-friendly,” the ENVY Award recognizes Watkins Manufacturing for:
Creating trendsetting, energy-smart spas

Using energy-efficient spa components

Participating in frequent product testing carried out by independent third parties
Assuring that all spa owners and prospective buyers have access to valid energy-performance documentation

Supporting international R&D to further develop green initiatives and increase energy efficiency
“Hot Spring Spas decided to actively join this project as a primary cooperating partner because company management is open to new ideas and suggestions,” said Prof. Dr. Ulrich Beerschwinger, founder and director of INDESIGN.

“They take energy efficiency very seriously in the manufacturing process and consumer use of their spas. Our exhaustive investigation of spa efficiencies reported in several tests has proven Hot Spring is a leader in energy efficiency.”

Steve Hammock, President of Watkins Manufacturing, accepted the award from Beerschwinger on March 19 at company headquarters in Vista, Calif.

“We’re honored to be the first recipient of this impressive award,” Hammock said. “It is an affirmation of our commitment to energy conservation and building ‘green’ spas.”