We are Certified – SO WHAT!

With all the competition in the Spa and Sauna business, how is someone supposed to know who is the right company to trust with your hot tub needs?  This is where a third party certification process serves the public well. 

The trade certification program managed by BigFish Publication offers such a certification program within the hot tub (spa) industry.  This certification is NOT a “buy-in” process, however it is a process that is centered around an audit that identifies and measures many points within the typical retail hot tub store business.  This includes but is not limited to items such as retail store location(s), service centers, continuing education for it’s employees, better business bureau ratings, customer testimonials, etc.

Within the southwestern Ohio region, we are proud to be the only certified hot tub dealer currently listed in the TradeCertification program.  Please view the attached video for addition information on Hot Tub Dealer Certification. 

Hot Tub Certification video!

So when your ready, and we hope it’s soon, to invest in your health & wellness with a Hot Spring Spa or Finnleo Sauna, be sure that you are trusting your business with a certified hot tub retailer.  Look for the “Certified Hot Tub Retailer” sticker for your peace of mind.