What are the benefits of ACE and how does it work?


The ACE system is an advanced salt water chlorine generating system designed specifically for the Hot Spring Spa.  The benefits of a salt water chlorine generating system over and above the obvious (less work to maintain your water chemistry)  is that the ACE system does NOT depend on expensive , harsh chemicals like chlorine, bromine or other man-made santiziers but rather salt, a much cheaper commodity.  With the ACE system, the soakers do not have to worry about green hair, itchy eyes or skin problems, or storing large quantities of harmful chemicals.  While pH levels still need to be tested, there is less work involved in maintaining an ACE spa versus a spa treated with traditional chemicls.

How does it work?

Natural non-iodized salt (sodium chloride) is added to the hot tub water.  The salt is comprised of two elements – Chloride and sodium.  The ACE system has a cell that is installed within the hot tubs 24 hour filtration system that houses and special electrolytic cell.  As the water is pulled acrossed the cell, it electrifies the salt water, producing a simple, natural form of chlorine.  This system is also checking the salt water levels of the hot tub to insure that the levels are not too high or too low.  If either case occurs, a warning icon will displayed to alert the owner tha some minor adjustments need to be made.

Chlorine Cycle

This freshly chlorinated water is circulated into the hot tub so its sanitizing properties can kill bacteria and viruses.  The cell also produces an effective oxidizer cleaning the water and giving it a pristine apperience.  Eventually the natuarl form of chlorine is used up and reverts back to salt’s original two elements.  The ACE system is a closed loop system therefore once the chlorine is reverted back to salt, it is available once again to generate more chlorine.

Additional Chemicals and Maintenance

The ACE system is effective with virtually any water supply.  After the initial fill, the owner simply adjusts the waters calcium levels, pH levels adds salt, tells the system the level at which the hot tub will be used and its size and the ACE is off and running.  An occassional test of the pH levels and a monthly confirmation of the hot tubs usage is all that is needed.

The cell may need an occasional cleaning which is easily done with vinegar on the side of the hot tub.