Why a Hot Tub; Why Now; Why a Hot Spring Spa


The benefits of hot water hydrotherapy can hardly be argued. The use of hot water therapy goes all the way back to the early Romans when they used the hot water in common baths for therapy and relaxation.

This has been further justified by the medical use of hot water therapy for muscle, joint and athletic applications. Many a physician has also recommmended and even prescribed hot water therapy for stress, sleep disorders, arthritis, fybromyalgiaand many other ailments.

It has only been during the last few decades that this type of therapy has become readily available to the public in the form of residential hot tubs.  Now take take this wrong, this is not new, it is that the industry has only of late designed and perfected new features that has made the hot tubs truely a device that provides unparalleled hot water therapy and now withe features that minimize the efforts needed to maintain those hot tubs.

SO why NOT invest in a hot tub that provides all those benefits for all of us who struggle with the challenges that are thrown our way every day?


No one can argue with the fact that the challenges that we face today are at levels never experienced before.  With the increases in our daily challenges, many are faced with increased stress which in turn can lead to many physical and non-physical ailments.

But with the never-ending push to be conservative with our budgets, it has become increasingly difficult to justify the expenditure for a hot tub often times because such a purchase would be considered a luxury.  However, when the numerous benefits that are provided by a hot tub are considered, many might feel that a hot tub is NOT a luxury but more of a “health and wellness” necessity.

Let’s consider for a moment the person who is riddled with arthritis and who’s ability to walk is limited only to that asisted by mechanic means, eg with a walker.  The pain that invades their bodies on a regular basis can only be controlled either by the use of harsh, expensive medicines or with the regular use of a hot tub.  In this case, the hot tub is certainly NOT a luxury!

How about the otherwise healthy ageing individual who discovers a new pain about every day and excepts the fact that this simply comes with age.  If that person learns to cope with those pains with the regular use of a hot tub – is that a luxury?

 Or even the person who has trouble falling asleep at night because of the stress of the times.  When they opt to use a hot tub on a regular basis in leu of a traditional drug that in many cases can become habit forming, is that a luxury?

I think that you can see in all of these cases the choice to “treat” yourself with hot water therapy is certainly a “health and wellness” choice NOT a luxury choice!

Times have changed.  The big party hot tub of the past is truely a picture of the past. Most hot tub customers in the earlier days were just that – “I want the biggest, badest hot tub with all the goodies on it!”  That fad has past and the trend has turned towards smaller, more personal hot tubs to address the stress reduction needs of today.

So why now – because we need them now more then ever to relieve our stress, to soothe our aches and pains, to help us sleep and to help us achieve a better quality of life!

Why a Hot Spring Spa?

Hot Spring Spas have lead the hot tub industry for almost 35 years.  They have developed many of the industries firsts that have now become the standard in the industry.

Taking acre not to be tempted to follow the fads, they have continued to develop features that truely have a lasting benefit to the customer.  They understand the “reality of daily use” of a hot tub and they continue to develop features that address those needs.

They understand the importance of creating a quality product that performs day in and day out.  They understand the importance of low operating costs and all of their spas are built on that energy efficient platform.  They know how important jet variety is as compared to simply putting more of the same types of jets in a hot tub.  And they understand the importance of building a hot tub that is virtually maintenace free relieving you of the task of adding harsh chemicals to your hot tub on a regular basis – chemicals that that can not only effect you but also the environment.

Hot Spring Spas has also realized the importance of costs with respect to the customer’s inital investment.  It has never been more important then it is today. WIth that in mind, they designed a new line of “value added” hot tubs at a price that can fit everyone’s budget.

So let’s learn something from those whom we have followed and utilize hot water therapy as a necessity NOT a luxury.  The challenges we all face today are possibly greater than the have ever been in the past and the need for hot water therapy is also at it’s peak.