Why does my Hot Tub make me feel Better?


A recent study shows that 70 percent of employed Americans suffer stress-related conditions including anxiety and insomnia.  Soaking in a hot tub can:  

  • Reduce stress and relax: Swirling warm water helps your brain to relax while washing away anxiety.
  • Sleep Better: By immersing yourself in hot water for 15 minutes before bedtime, your body temperature rises and enhances your ability to fall asleep faster.



Hydrotherapy is one the oldest and safest methods for treating many common ailments. Plus, exercising in water is easier on joints than exercising on land! By soaking in a hot tub, you can:  

  • Get relief for arthritis, aches and stiffness.-Warm, pulsating water increases blood supply to aching joints, which helps to remove inflammatory particles from the area and relieves pain. 

    -The buoyancy of the water relaxes muscles, and warm water decreases muscle tension that allows for greater flexibility. 

    -Specialized jets that move up and down the spine soothe inflamed tissue and relieve pain. 


Breathing Problems


 -Steam rising off hot water can help open up nasal and bronchial passages and improves circulation to aid in maintaining upper respiratory health. 

 -Many people find that soaking in a hot tub relieves headache pain, especially pain from tension headaches. 


Many professional sports organizations, trainers and therapists recommend warm-water therapy to help patients resume their daily activities faster. By owning a hot tub, you can:  

  • Improve Cardio Health: A recent study at the Mayo Clinic found that soaking in a hot tub gives many of the health benefits of exercise with less strain on the heart. Soaking in a hot tub increases the heart rate while it lowers blood pressure rather than raising it as does other forms of exercise.
  • Relieve Back and Knee Pain: Four out of five Americans suffer from chronic back pain, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Many studies show that hydrotherapy alleviates lower back pain and knee ailments by reducing stress and stiffness.

The above are just a few of the benefits of soaking in a hot tub.  Making your soak a regular event, you may find that your mind, your joints and your muscles truley become relaxed like never before.