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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Energy Consumption
    How Much will my Spa cost to operate? Spas will range in the area of $12-$100 a month to operate. This depends largely on the brand of spa, the size, the frequency of use and the weather and cost of electricty in your area. Beware of fully insulated spas versus fully foam filled.

    Energy Consumption
    Can I run my spa on a 110V current or do I need 220V? Depends largely on the brand and model of spa. The major difference is that with a 110V system, the heater and the jets will NOT run at the same time. If your spa is will insulated and uses "warm-air induction", that should not be a problem.

    Energy Consumption
    I hear that a spa wired for 220V is more energy efficient than a 110V system. Any truth to that? You buy energy by the KW (killowatt) which heats water at a specific rate regardless of 110V or 220V. A 220V system will heat faster but will NOT be more efficient! To learn more see 110V vs 220V

    What is the difference between fully insulated and fully foam filled spas. A spa could have a little as 1/6 inch of insulation on the entire shell and be fully insulated. A fully foam filled spa is filled from the outside "skin" to the inside shell with foam insulation

    Jets and horsepower ratings
    I hear a lot about horsepower ratings of the pumps. How important is that? Many companies boast of their "high" horsepower rated pumps. The truth is that the higher the number of jets, the more horsepoer you need to power those jets. What you really want is high pressure (adjustable) at the jet nossle. (see HP ratings?)

    Jets and horsepower ratings
    Should I be concerned with the number of jets found in a spa? The number of jets in a spa is NOT nearly as important as the variety of jets found in the spa. That coupled with the placement of those jets provides maximum benefit.

    Jets and horsepower ratings
    How are pumps rated - horsepower? Beware of horsepower ratings in pumps. Many compianies rate their pumps using "Breakdown Torque" which inflates the rating. This occurs only for a fraction of a second when the pump is turned on. "Continuous Duty" is the true HP rating.

    Referral Program
    How does the HSS of Dayton referral program work? When you refer a customer to our store, you will receive a $20 in store credit. If they purchase, you will receive an additional $50. Simply present your "Thank You" card at the time of purchase and your in-store credit will be applied.

    Referral Program
    Can I use my "Thank You" card dollars for anything else other than chemicals? You may use your dollars towards the purchase of a new spa or sauna. Simply multiple your balance by 10 and that will be applied towards your new purchase as a trade-in for your existing spa or sauna. See store for details!

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