Amerec Steam Rooms & Saunas for Homes in Dayton, OH

Custom Sizing

Our solutions are based on your needs. Tell us about your project, and we will design the steam or sauna solution that provides the best experience.

World Class Support

From planning and design to installation and after-sale support, our team of experts will assist you with every step of the process.


We often hear of heaters & steam generators still operating 30 years after installation, but if you need help before then, rest assured our warranty is the best in the industry.

Custom steam rooms built just for you.

Adding a steam shower is the most inexpensive upgrade you can give your bathroom. We’re experts at customizing complete solutions.


Health Benefits

Healthier Skin

Perspiration and increased circulation help to keep the skin clean and healthy


Entering a steam shower, stress melts away as the warm, enveloping heat eases both mind and body.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Frequent sauna use can make arteries more pliable and respond better to vasodilation, which results in reduced blood pressure

Post- WorkOut Recovery

Steam & sauna have been shown to help people recover more quickly from exercise by easing joint & muscle pain and eliminating lactic acid build-up

Eases Joint Pain

The heat of steam or sauna helps to increase circulation throughout the body and warms the muscles and joints

Allergies & Congestion

Sauna and steam can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of sinus congestion from from colds or allergies - especially when used with steam (tip: add eucalyptus to the water for added benefit and overall enjoyment)

Control Units 
and Generators

From Classic to Modern & Connected.

Amerec controls combine intuitive design and long-lasting quality with features that meet the needs of any bather.

For steam lovers who enjoy touchscreens, connected devices (through a free mobile app), and customized settings, the A6 with amerecConnect app has fast
become a favorite.