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Year-Round Wood-Fired Outdoor Sauna is a Dreamy Unplugged Escape for Family

  The Olson Family of Hudson, Wisconsin has a slice of paradise in their backyard with a woodburning outdoor sauna and a screened porch attached. “It feels like we are a million miles away from everything – pure bliss,” states Mrs. Olson. Below she shares their family’s love for their “unplugged escape” that is enjoyed … Read More

Create Your Own Backyard Oasis with an Outdoor Sauna

  An outdoor sauna is the perfect addition for healthy backyard living and will transform your family life, social life and your overall personal wellness. An outdoor sauna will become a place to make year-round memories with your loved ones.   There is nothing quite like having your own backyard outdoor sauna. It will become the central … Read More

7 Benefits of Having a Home Sauna

Are you considering installing your own sauna at home in Dayton, OH? We’ve listed 7 reasons to stop considering and start installing!   There are probably as many reasons to get your own home sauna as there are sauna lovers out there. But if you’re still hesitating, you might want to consider the fact that … Read More

Include a Sauna in Your Backyard Retreat

With the official spring season here, now is the time to start planning your backyard retreat. A retreat you can escape to from busy life and just be present; relaxing and enjoying company with family and friends. A place to be care-free and enjoy the beautiful outdoors and nature without leaving your home.   Below … Read More

An Outdoor Sauna Enhances (and Extends) the Backyard Experience

With the summer season in full swing, and families spending more time than ever at home, a common scene is family and friends enjoying backyard entertainment and the great outdoors. Backyard living can be greatly enhanced with an outdoor sauna—especially so when there is a pool or cold-water plunge nearby. Below are the top three … Read More

Make Your Own At-Home Day Spa a Healthy Retreat

Taking time to slow down and relax is important for your physical and mental health. Set some time aside for an at-home spa retreat. You deserve self-care to feel recharged! Follow the steps below for a mini-vacation in the comfort of your own home:   Dedicate Time for Yourself   Before things get busy, set … Read More