Vanishing ACT™ Calcium Remover



*Now Available in XL Size with 3 times the calcium reduction power of the standard Vanishing Act!* For areas with extreme hard eater

Vanishing Act Calcium Remover’s purpose is simple: It makes your hot tub water SOFTER (removes calcium) without chemical additives! Using Vanishing Act will prolong the life of your hot tub and extend the time between water changes! Plus you’ll have a softer more enjoyable hot tub soaking experience, leaving your skin feeling silkier.


After initially filling your spa with water, use some hot tub test strips to measure the hardness level of your water. If the reading is in excess of 100ppm, then you need to use a Vanishing Act calcium removal bag to help soften it. All hot tubs using the ACE Salt System require Vanishing Act each refill.

Give the Vanishing Act bag a good rinse through until the water runs through it nice and clear.

Follow instructions on the box for help with the correct positioning of the calcium remover bag, which will differ depending on your spa model.

Leave the bag in the hot tub for 24 hours, ensuring you give it a turn it after 12 hours. Simple, easy, and effective.