HotSpring® Replacement 30 sq. ft. Filter Cartridge (31489)


The HotSpring® 31489 Filter Cartridge is a replacement spa filter for 30 sq. ft. filters in Hot Spring Spas and any systems that needs 5 7/8 inch (diameter) by 10 1/2 inch (length) filters


Easily replace your old 31489 filter. To clean your filter remember these 4 simple steps; rinse, soak, rinse, dry.

Rinse your filter out with a garden hose to remove any debris or dirt still attached to your filter.

Soak your filter in a filter cleaner solution overnight, then remove your filter from the solution

Rinse with a garden hose.

Set your filter in a sunny location and let it air dry completely.

Finally reinstall your pool filter per your manufacturer’s instructions.


No matter the model of your spa or hot tub, or when it was made – it’s important that you regularly change your filter to prevent bacteria build-up. Choose from our selection of hot tub filters to find the right replacement hot tub filter for your spa – at the right price!

This 65 square foot filter measures 5 7/8″ x 10.5″ and features 1 15/16″ top and bottom holes. This pleated pool filter improves the clarity of your swimming pool and spa water, and also reduces contaminants.

Keep your hot tub running like new all year round by learning proper filter maintenance