Make Your Own At-Home Day Spa a Healthy Retreat

Taking time to slow down and relax is important for your physical and mental health. Set some time aside for an at-home spa retreat. You deserve self-care to feel recharged! Follow the steps below for a mini-vacation in the comfort of your own home:


Dedicate Time for Yourself


Before things get busy, set aside time for your at-home spa day. Whether it’s an hour, an evening, or the entire weekend, mark it on your calendar so it doesn’t slip by.


Stay Hydrated with Infused Refreshments


It’s important to stay hydrated during your spa time, especially if heat bathing is included. Water filled with fruits & herbs will keep you feeling healthy & refreshed. Some spa water ideas are:


Strawberries + Cucumbers + Basil

Strawberries + Lemons + Mint leaves

Raspberries + Nectarines + Lemon + Ginger

Oranges + Strawberries + Mint

Lemon + Rosemary + Frozen Grapes


Eat Healthy Snacks


Include healthy snacks throughout your spa day. Fruit & vegetable base snacks will keep your spa a healthy retreat. Some snack ideas are:


Acai Bowl

Fruit smoothie

Salad with vegetables, fruit & nuts

Cheese and vegetable platter

Hummus and crackers

Make it a Calming Environment


As with any spa, the atmosphere should be calming and inviting. Add soft music in the background. Search for a “Spa Playlist” on Spotify or Youtube; the work of finding songs is already done for you! Dim the lights. Add candles.


Relax in a Sauna


If you have a sauna in your home, be sure to include time for a heat bathing session. It’s a warm, quiet space without any distractions coming from the outside. As we like to say, “Step into a Finnleo sauna, and close the door on the rest of the world.” The heat from the traditional sauna provides many health benefits; the heat relaxes the body’s muscles, relieves stress, improves circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s all-natural “feel good” chemical, and their release provides a truly wonderful “after sauna glow.” Enhance your sauna experience with a special scent, such as Eucalyptus or Birch. The calming aroma will put you in deeper relaxation.


Take a Shower or Bath


After your sauna, cleanse your skin with a shower or bath. To reap even more health benefits, consider a cool dose of water first. Going from hot temperature to cold has many proven benefits, contributing to your physical and mental well-being. Don’t forget to pamper yourself in the shower or bath with an exfoliating body scrub or bath bubbles. Make your bath even more enjoyable with a book or magazine to flip through.


End with Spa Cosmetics


Moisturize your clean skin with a luscious smelling lotion. Your skin will feel radiant and smooth! Make a homemade foot scrub (1 cup Epsom salt + 1 Tablespoon olive or coconut oil + 3-4 drops Peppermint oil). Or simply, rest and meditate to soak up your last calming moments.


If you follow the above, you will have an ultimate day of relaxation! You will feel the sense of well-being that comes naturally from pampering yourself. Whenever you are feeling stressed or haven’t taken the time to “slow down” in a while, be sure to schedule an at-home spa day.